WP1 (PREP) Mapping of needs and capabilities D.1.1. Methodology for data collection & analysis

D.1.2. Completed surveys (data collection)

D.1.3. Interview memos (data validation)

D.1.4. Country profiles (data analysis)

D.1.5. IoHE online benchmarking tool

WP2 (DEV1) Development and advancement of national legislative for internationalisation



D.2.1. Know-how  on    national   legislative  underpinning internationalisation transferred to Moldova

D.2.2. Standards for accreditation of joint and double degrees in Moldova formulated and adopted

  • A.2.2.1. Recommendations for organisation of double and joint degree study programmes

D.2.3. National strategy on academic mobility and recognition of degrees developed

  • A.2.3.1 Policy Roadmap on academic mobility and recognition of mobility periods

D.2.4 National strategy on IoHE and research developed

  • A.2.4.1. National Roadmap on Internationalization of HE and research in Moldova

D.2.5. National benchmarks for outgoing and incoming mobility developed

  • A.2.5.1. National Guidelines for incoming mobility students
  • A.2.5.2 Organize information service on outgoing mobility
WP3 (DEV2) Advancement of university integrative function through internationalisation


D.3.1. Models of internationalisation from EU partners identified, transferred and implemented at Moldovan HEIs

D.3.2 Internationalisation strategies at Moldovan partner HEIs developed and adopted

D.3.1 & 3.3. University Guidelines for increasing the quality and scope of academic mobility adopted

WP4 (DEV3) Enhancement of institutional capacities for participation in large-scale international collaborations


D.4.1.  Training of staff from MD HEIs to participate in large- scale international collaborations organized

D.4.2.  Conditions for the recruitment of foreign PhD students, teachers and researchers defined

D.4.3.  Action plan for participation in the European Research Area (ERA) elaborated

D.4.4.  Set of recommendations for university research project management & talents development elaborated

WP5 (QPN) Quality plan D.5.1 Internal Quality reports

D.5.2 External Evaluation reports

D.5.3 Fine-tuning of university procedures and regulations

WP6 (DISS) Dissemination & Exploitation D.6.1 University and National campaign on IoHE in Moldova


P2 – TUM
P5 – CSU
P6 – KDU
P9 – BUCKS, United Kingdom
P10 – MRU, Lithuania
P11 – UM, Slovenia
P13 – MGrSG, Netherlands

D.6.2  Campaign for promotion of Moldovan HE & research on EHEA &ERA

A.6.2. Inter-project coaching – International Forum TRINGLE 2017

A.6.2. Inter-project coaching – International Forum TRINGLE 2018

A.6.2. Dissemination of the project in the frame of the International Symposium consecrated to 85th  years of SAUM

A.6.2. Inter-project coaching – “Improving skills in laboratory practice for agro-food specialists in Eastern Europe” (Ag-Lab)

D.6.3 Project website

WP7 (MNGT) Management D.7.1. Project coordination performed

D.7.2. Project financial management performed