The first event took place on October 9, 2019 within FCIM, from a series of events planned to be held with employers in the academic year 2019/2020, with reference to the impact of internationalization on employability. The round table on October 9 was held in the context of the planned activities of the ELEVATE project.

For the beginning, the employers were satisfied with the fact that TUM cares about employability and the employer’s opinion regarding the quality of training in TUM, especially at FCIM. Nicolae STROPȘA, Endava, for the beginning referred to the effects of the PBLMD project, mentioning that the company that represents it for the second year has interns, who follow the study program in Software Engineering. Nicolae STROPȘA appreciated the respective method of training, starting from the fact that students are more involved in finding and solving problems, that they have the ability to work in a team and to find non-standard solutions to defined problems. Referring to student mobility, he said that students who have spent a semester abroad have better communication skills, are more open to change, are more adaptable to real working conditions.

Employers reiterated the importance of flexibility, which the university should show, in adjusting the curriculum to the business environment of ICT companies, to the fact that the university should apply Agile principles in the organization of its activities and expressed their unconditional support. university innovations aimed at adjusting training to the real needs of the sector. With regard to internationalization, employers appreciate its impact on university activity, at the same time, mentioning the importance of motivating students to return to the country and to apply their knowledge in the national economy.