On 22.03.2019, In the frame of Comrat State University, within the framework of the “ELEVATE” project, a seminar was organized on the topic “INFLUENCE OF INTERNATIONALIZATION OF EDUCATION ON EMPLOYMENT OF GRADUATES”.
During the meeting, Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations of KSU Doctor, Associate Professor Rakovchena T.I. noted that one of the most important trends in the development of modern higher education around the world is the process of internationalization, which is determined by the factors of economic and socio-political rapprochement between countries and implies the need to ensure the compatibility of education, the formation of a common educational space. Given the recent demographic trends in the Republic of Moldova, universities cannot operate on the periphery of global changes. In order to be competitive, Moldovan universities must follow the path of internal and external internationalization, which implies the creation of such a culture and climate within the university, which promote and support international and intercultural understanding, as well as the process of cross-border provision of educational products and services to foreign countries. through various educational technologies and through various administrative agreements.

The coordinator of the “ELEVATE” project in her speech focused on the internationalization of higher education through active participation in international academic mobility. Such advantages of academic mobility were noted as: expansion of individual and professional ties; the ability to build individual educational trajectories; an increase in the share of a practice-oriented component in training; knowledge of foreign languages, etc. All this subsequently affects the potential of the future employee, increasing the likelihood of getting a higher-paid and prestigious job.

Director of the theoretical lyceum No. 5 (Comrat) P. Pynta and director of the theoretical lyceum named after Tuzlova (village of Kirsovo) O. Zagradskaya in their reports talked about the practice of participation in international projects, the impact of these projects on the quality of the educational process through improving the material and technical base, literary fund, international internships for teachers.

In the end, students of KSU group I-16 presented an extended report on the results of international mobility ERASMUS + at Anadolu University, Republic of Turkey. And also the students of the AIM-17 group presented a report on their internship, which also took place in the Republic of Turkey (Bolu), which took place thanks to bilateral agreements between Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University and Comrat State University.