The ELEVATE project consortium board has decided to extend the project due to such reasons as Weak knowledge of English Language skills both speaking and writing of the students and academic staff, moreover, all of the project partners from Moldova asked for additional time for the testing and piloting of the products elaborated within the Project’s lifetime. Special attention has been paid to the exploitation of the Internationalisation Strategy on IoHE and Research, which is the ELEVATE project deliverable (WP3/D.4), that has been developed and adopted by all Moldovan Project Partner HEIs.

In order to measure the Exploitation of the Internationalisation Strategies on IoHE and Research, were analysed such indicators, as no. of international bilateral agreements, no. of joint/double degree programmes, no. of international students, no. of participation in international projects (as partner or coordinator). The data provided by the ELEVATE partner countries HEIs from Moldova has analyzed the 1st year of the ELEVATE project implementation, before the Internationalization strategies’ elaboration and adoption (2016), and the year of the ELEVATE project completion (2020).

According to the data provided, all Project partners have experienced significant growth of at least 10% in all the indicators analyzed. The following growth in all the internationalization aspects on the university level has been achieved not only due to the Internationalization Strategy on IoHE and Research and action plans implemented by the Project Partners, but bu also due to the strengthening of the administrative framework of the partner universities, and namely the administrative staff of the International Relations Offices. All the data provided by the project partners have been summed up and is available in the table below. 

Partner No.No. of international bilateral agreementsNo. of joint/double degree programmesNo. of international studentsNo. of participation in international projects (as partner or coordinator)
Year2016 – 20202016 – 20202016 – 20202016 – 2020
P160 – 860 – 9 68 – 1073 – 10
P356 – 6971 – 955 – 13
P434 – 571 – 2 2 – 66 – 17
P525 – 340 – 24 – 4