On 14.06.2019 the seminar “Hiring and Internationalization within the ELEVATE Project” was organized at the State Agrarian University of Moldova. Representatives of Moldovan foreign capital entities, academics and students were invited to the seminar.

During the seminar, the following topics were discussed: raising the awareness of the links between internationalization and employability; identifying employers’ views on the skills needed to hire graduates from the point of view of the Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions; identifying ways to improve the employability of Moldovan students, analyzing the potential obstacles and general conditions for recruiting PhD students, professors and researchers at the State Agrarian University of Moldova.

This seminar met on several projects, settling issues between employment and internationalization in each of the projects are carried out at UASM.

The business representatives invited to the seminar talked about the job offers for UASM graduates, specifying the skills needed for a young specialist to be in the workplace.

Working Languages of the study visit were English and Romanian.


Attendance list