The National Policy Taskforce met for the first time on 3rd April 2018. During the meeting of the ELEVATE National Policy Taskforce, there was discussed the strategic policy framework regarding the internationalisation of higher education in the Republic of Moldova, the particular objective of the meeting serving the operational guidelines in the process of elaboration of the National Strategy on Internationalisation of Higher Education. During the discussions, the participants exchanged ideas, concepts and feedback regarding the various aspects of the Strategy being guided in this area by the representatives of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova. It was examined the prominent experience of the European Union in the area of higher education internationalisation on the base of which the National Policy Taskforce established the key- directions of action in fostering the competitiveness of Moldovan HE institutions in an environment of increased competition and standards. The meeting was finalised with the conclusion that Internationalisation strategy should take into account the needs and challenges of Moldovan HE and offer suitable solutions for the long run and sustainable progress of Moldovan society.