1. To develop and advance national legislative which will elevate the process of internationalisation of Moldovan higher education and research.
  2. To build the university integrative function through institutional policies for the internationalisation of education, research, mobility and services.
  3. To enhance institutional capacities for effective participation in large-scale international collaborations.


  1. National strategy of internationalisation of higher education and research;
  2. National standards of accreditation for joint & double degrees;
  3. National strategy of academic mobility and recognition of degrees;
  4. University Internationalisation strategies/each Moldovan partner;
  5. University guidelines for academic recognition of degrees and mobility periods/ each Moldovan partner;
  6. University strategies for increasing the quality and scope of academic mobility/ each Moldovan partner;
  7. University guidelines for recruitment of foreign PhD students, teachers and researchers/ each Moldovan partner;
  8. University Action plan for participation in the European Research Area / each Moldovan partner;
  9. Recommendations for university research project management and  talents development
  10. Online benchmarking tool of internationalisation of higher education and research.